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Debut Album "The Highway" from Ronny Criss

#ronnycriss Rainfeather Records is proud to announce our newest artist - Ronny Criss. His debut album "The Highway" will be available on Rainfeather Records in the summer. Recorded at Blackbird and Rainfeather Studios in Nashville, takes you on a journey that only the road can bring. Born the son of a Arkansas trucker, and raised in both the North and South, Ronny’s lived experiences ranging from Southwest Chicago to the farms of Eastern Arkansas have always inspired his songs. After moving to Nashville and writing thousands of songs over the last 10 years for a wide variety of different projects, a special theme emerged in his writing touching on a deep need to tell a personal story in a universal way. Some of these songs are brand new, some over a decade old, but together they're a study on the lifetime search for one’s heart and soul in difficult world. Each song expresses different sides of the human desire and struggle to find the person the give us meaning. From beginning to end, the Highways is a beautiful, vivid, and diverse ride through the landscape of the American heartland. Early LIMITED EDITION vinyl is now available! Full digital record release coming Jan 2022.

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